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The Law of Attraction - Manifesting Love and Relationships that Work

Find true love. Manifest new, lasting, loving relationships.

Ah, relationships!  Without a doubt, the core reason that so many of us seek to learn about the Law of Attraction and manifestation.  Some of the terms can be misinterpreted when you hear the words "Law of Attraction" and "Abundance".  The Law of Attraction itself goes well beyond attracting just "people". Just as well, Abundance goes well beyond just success and money.  These two terms apply to everything that is whole, everything that is good, and everything that is yours for the asking.  In this section however, I will focus on relationships, namely love relationships.

I have personally come to learn that material possessions and money don't mean nearly as much without a fulfilling relationship to complete us.  I was one of those "who needs a relationship" people for many years.  I have come to learn that I was in denial.  Most likely, it was the fact that the right relationship may have eluded me for my entire life or the right relationship was presented to me, and my connection to spirit was not in place for me to realize it.   What this tells me at this point in my life is that such a love relationship has yet to arrive simply because I haven't been ready for it spiritually, nor have I allowed it.  I have met wonderful people, but to me, I was not wonderful and as a result, relationships failed.  My last broken relationship, as broken as it was, turned out to be a light bulb above my head that told me I am now in fact in a place to accept a lasting love.  That one just wasn't the right one for me, but the beauty is that it opened me up to learn about my connection to spirit and move me to a place where I will attain this relationship when it is time. 

I want readers of this site to know that they are not alone in seeking a quality relationship or finding happiness and love. The Universe is all about love.  It wants us to have everything that is of the greatest good.  And we can have this, if only we allow it, feel it, ask for it and know it.  The Universe, which moves your spirit guides and connects you to your non-physical source energy, can connect to you for a greater good.  You need to ask.  But you needn't ask to date "Mary from Accounting" or "John from the gym" or "the beautiful at the supermarket".  You must put your faith and trust in the Universe and know that what is right for you is yours if you truly want it.  You can manifest anything you desire.  The Law of Attraction and manifestation can in fact bring these people to you, but you must be willing to accept and allow in your highest good without consciously "picking a person". 

Through meditation and positive affirmations you can learn to let go of a broken relationship and rather than wishing him or her back into your life, you can wish that person peace, love, joy and happiness.  Once I was able to let go of my conscious, egotistical hold on my relationship, I was able to turn myself over to The Universe and allow myself to be moved and guided to where I needed to be.  In a word:  FAITH.  We are all wired and programmed energetically by society and what we've been told all of our lives.  It's a road than can be traveled and does take time, practice and patience.  But as I continue to update this website and share my journey with you, I think you will be amazed at the transition I have made and continue to make by allowing it - and I truly want the progress I am making to help you to make the same progress and recognize the same gains.  Again I reiterate:  IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN.  I have to remind you that I knew nothing about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting.  I was a doubter, a nonbeliever and a true skeptic.  As my journey unfolds and I share my experiences and personal changes with you, I know you will see that everything in your reality is created by you.  As you make these changes, and move closer to spirit and The Universe, you will be amazed how your shift in energy will attract new people, and the right people. 

I am not religious, but I believe fully in God.  And now, I believe that God is the energy that has created this universe and every moment of every hour of every day happens exactly how it is supposed to happen.  The energy inside of each and every one of us can be changed to change and recreate your reality.  You simply cannot have what you do not want.  But if you continue to harbor negativity and ill feelings about relationships, your ex or anything of the like, then the energy you emit will continue to bring this into your life.  The reality of this is that this is NOT magic.  You don't just ask and wait.  Faith and Patience will prevail because you will get what you truly want when the time is truly right.

Relationships are obviously very deep, sensitive, meaningful aspect of our lives.  You may have questions or experiences you would like to share.  I am happy to answer questions about my journey and my transformation, but more importantly to me, I would like to receive your feedback or experiences that you'd like to share.  My journey has been filled with positives since realizing my need to change and working on these changes.  I have met amazing people at meditation; People who literally buzz with energy.  And guess what?  They attract people like magnets, they have fulfilling relationships and they are instantly liked.  My first time attending meditation exposed me to a strong positive energy that put me at peace almost immediately.  I now see why our thoughts create our reality and our energy attracts just what we are putting out - like a beacon.  Raising my awareness and energy has immediately changed the people and circumstances that I attract.  The more it happens, the more I am reminded of how strong the Law of Attraction is and as a result, I have quickly welcomed quality people and new friends into my life.  To you, my story may not be so magnificent. It may actually be boring. However, my desire is to share these experiences to simply help you move to a place that I am approaching every day, a better place.  I feel it is very important to tell my story, because what I now believe, what I now know are things I would have, in the past, never considered as being anything more than mumbo jumbo.  Today, however, I know it is real.

Remember to visit our manifesting abundance resources page often.  I have found these materials to be invaluable to me, and they have helped me tremendously in shifting my life.  As this site evolves, I will be launching a complete section on relaxation and meditation.  This is where it all began for me and where it begins with everyone.  Please check back frequently as the website continues to grow.



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